Avionics test systems

The avionics test product that are now incorporated into Viavi portfolio have provided reliable R&D, flight line and return-to-service solutions for over 40 years.
In cooperation with Viavi Solutions, Astrec Baltic offers the following test solutions:

Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B)

A new age in air traffic management has arrived with FAA-mandated Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) capabilities. VIAVI Solutions is leading the way in this transition with test equipment offerings that fully support ADS-B performance testing at all phases of development and production. From avionics equipment R&D and factory testing to finished air frame ADS-B system testing, the breadth of VIAVI’s ADS-B test equipment has instilled industry leading organizations with confidence in successful, compliant and safe ADS-B performance throughout the multi-tiered aviation supply chain.

Aircraft Fuel Quantity Test Sets and Interfaces

Check the accuracy of your fuel quantity system quickly and with confidence.

Antenna Couplers

Antenna couplers mount directly on antenna for RF shielding and are available for transponder, TCAS, GPS, DME, and radio altimeter testing.

Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

Viavi offers complete solutions for your DME aviation testing needs.

GPS Simulation

Validate performance of your GPS receiver with high end test capabilities from Viavi. Our multi-channel GPS test set offers 3D positional simulation that allows any combination of visual space vehicles to be selected.

Military Avionics

Viavi offers avionics test equipment designed for military applications, including Mode 5 testing. This is mission critical test equipment for aircraft avionics, that reduce the cost of maintenance and increase mission readiness.

Navigation and Communication

A portable, easy-to-use test set designed for ILS, VOR, Marker Beacon and VHF/UHF communications avionics systems.

Radio Altimeters (RADALT)

Test your installed FMCW and pulse radio altimeters quickly with portable test sets from Viavi. The radio altimeter equipment test from the transmit/receive antennas to the indicator in the cockpit, allowing the operator to replicate in-flight conditions and isolate a bad component.

Radio Frequency Automatic Test Equipment (RF ATE) Systems

VIAVI offers comprehensive solutions to support engineering, factory, and return-to-service avionics test requirements. The automatic test equipment (ATE) products provide a platform for the test and diagnostics of both the commercial air transport industry and the military industry.

Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN)

Viavi delivers RF signal generation and parametric measurement of MK XIIA and TACAN equipment.

Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Testing

Comprehensive TCAS testing and target generation, from factory to flight line.

Transponder and Interrogator

Industry standard test solutions from factory to flight line.