Passive Components for Fibre Optic Networks

Our offering contains passive components for point-to-point, FTTH and FTTA networks. If we deliver full package of components needed for your network, we can guarantee full compatibility of chosen components.

  • Patchcords

    We offer wide selection of fibre optic cable products including OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5 multimode and OS2 singlemode patchcords. Different pigtails, also MTP and MPO patch cables. There is also possibility to deliver special cables.

  • Network Components

    Adapters, attenuators, splitters, xWDM-s and splice protectors with different dimensions.

  • Cleaning Supplies and Accessories

    93% of problems in FO networks are caused because of dirty connectors. We have complete offering including Fujikura One-Click cleaners, Cletop cleaners, cleaning paper and different liquids for cleaning

  • Panels, Cases and Joints

    Different rack- and wall mount panels, junction boxes, cases and joints.

  • Tools

    Tools and tool sets for preparation and handling of fibre and copper cables.

  • Tactical Cabling

    Different drum sizes, cables and rugged weather proof connectors., including lens type connectors (HMA) and PC type IP67 connectors.

Pictures are illustrative and does not correspond to full offering of Astrec Baltic