Infrastructure Components and Power Supply Systems

We are offering products from global leading suppliers. Our product portfolio is mostly related to telecommunications and various industries.
  • Components for Fibre Optic Networks

    FO components for point-to-point and FTTH networks.

  • Fibre Connectivity products

    Transcievers, MUXs, DACs, Media Converters and NICs

  • Rectifier Systems 24 - 380VDC

    Telecom and industrial DC power systems with power up to 288kW.

  • Modular and Standalone Inverters

    Modular inverters with power up to 225kVA

  • Modular UPS-s

    Innovative, modular UPS-s for power 12kVA-1,2MVA

  • Multidirectional Converters

    World’s first fully bidirectional power converter.

  • Batteries and battery accessories

    Most demanding components in reserve power.

  • Wireless, Broadcast and Microwave

    Components for mobile networks and broadcast. Microwave antennas.