Professional Measurement Equipment and Systems

We provide products from recognized companies around the world. The product portfolio includes Brüel & Kjaer sound and vibration measurement systems, AFL fibre optic measurement testers and VIAVI Solutions professional measurement solutions and testers for communication networks.


Formerly JDSU, VIAVI Solutions was founded in 1923 as Wandel and Goltermann. Later, it acquired key technology companies as Acterna, Agilent, Thrilithic, Cobham AvComm etc. VIAVI represents the best quality and biggest range of handheld testers and systems for all kind of communication networks.
  • Sound and Vibration Measurement Equipment

    Integrated solutions for sound and vibration measurements

  • Avionics Radio Test

    Solutions for measuring systems in field of avionics.

  • Antenna Alignment and Monitoring

    Solutions for precise alignment of antennas and monitoring antenna systems

  • Fibre Optic Measurement Equipment

    Everything you need for building and maintaining of FO networks

  • Copper Network Measurement Equipment

    Measuring copper cable based networks

  • Wireless Network Measurement Equipment

    Testers and analysers for wireless networks.

  • Coaxial Network Measurement Solutions

    Systems for measuring CATV and other coax networks

  • Protocol Testers

    Protocol Testers for networks up to 100G and beyond