Product Support and Consulting

Sometimes you may not understand the manual or have the time to read it. There are hesitations to perform more complex operations. It is difficult to choose just the right product from the available selection. Will the device I buy today be modern and up to date in a few years? Is there any way to update my solution today? Are the devices compatible to each other?

There are many questions, and we have answers to questions related to the products in our product portfolio. Even more, we’re happy to help with it!

  • Consulting

    With system modernization, design and product selection

  • Installation

    If needed, we install and set up the equipment

  • Helping

    To learn your equipment, make maintenance and software upgrades.

  • On Demand

    We will recycle your old devices or find new users for them

Repair and Maintenance

From time to time, it is important to maintain the equipment in accordance with the operating instructions to ensure the smooth operation of your equipment. Regular maintenance helps prevent technical failures and unexpected malfunctions and extend the smooth operation of your equipment. It is easiest to bring the equipment to us for service. Astrec Baltic also carries out warranty and out-of-warranty repairs on the equipment in its product portfolio.

  • Fusion Splicers


    We carry out on-site maintenance and repair of all Fujikura splicing machines and accessories.

  • Power Supply Systems and UPS-s

    Eltek / CE+T

    Maintenance and repair of power supplies and UPS-s.

  • Measurement Equipment, Sound and Vibration Analysis

    Viavi / Fujikura / AFL / Brüel & Kjaer

    Maintenance, repair and calibration of measuring instruments

  • Tools, Consumables etc.

    Regardless of whether a mast winch, a light source or a One-Click cleaner is malfunctioning you can always contact us. We believe we will find a solution.