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We are offering products from global leading suppliers. Our product portfolio is mostly related to telecommunications and various industries.
  • Infrastructure Components and Power Supply Systems

    FO and RF components for telecommunication networks. Power supply systems, UPS-s, Batteries. Hybrid Solutions.

  • Fusion Splicers for Telecommunication Networks and Special Applications

    Fujikura fusion splicers are most popular worldwide.

  • Professional Measurement Equipment

    Test and measurement equipment for optical, copper and radio networks. Sound and vibration measurement systems.

Product support and Services

Our goal is to provide customers with a responsive service. That could be in relation to getting advice or when equipment requires maintenance and calibration.

  • Support. Maintenance. Repair.

    We'll give you good advice and solve the challenges of using your equipment.

  • Trainings

    Trainings for fibre optics and power supply systems.

  • Rental

    Portfolio contains measurement equipment and fusion splicers.



Fiber cleaning and inspection

93% of all errors in a fiber network are caused by dirty connectors.

Dirt not only reduces the quality of the signal, but also significantly spoils the connector end-face. While the softer dirt particles spread over the connector end-face with each connection, the harder dirt (e.g. grains of sand) permanently spoils the surface. The phenomenon causes most harm in cases that require repeated reconnection – e.g. in the case of measurement instruments. We offer different technologies for cleaning and training to use them at maximum efficiency.

OneclickⓇ stick and Cletop cleaning cartridge - dry cleaning

Our product range includes cleaning sticks and cleaning cartridges. While cleaning sticks allow you to clean both connectors and ports, they are able to clean only the centre part of the ferrule. The cartridge, on the other hand, cleans the entire end surface of the ferrule, but you can not clean the ports or connectors through the adapters with it.

IPA alcohol and lint-free tissue - wet cleaning

Sometimes dry cleaning is not sufficient. Certain kind of dirt can be more easily removed by IPA alcohol or water. Naturally, lint-free tissue must be used.

Tools and consumables

We offer a wide range of tools and consumables for dry and wet cleaning: e.g. replacement reels for cassettes, dispenser bottles, lint-free tissue as well as cleaning kits for connectors and fusion splicers.

Inspection probes

Cleaned connectors need to be inspected before connected. We offer different probes for portable applications and lab use. Majority of them are capable of performing end-face analysis against IEC 61300-3-35 ja TIA-568-C standards. This reduces human factor, saves time and helps reporting.

Live fibre identifiers, light sources, power meters and visual fault locators.

For measuring optical power and identifying the right fibre, the right instruments should be used. Attenuation is measured by a power meter and a light source; fibre, in turn, is identified with the help of a visual fault locator (VFL) and/or a live fibre detector.

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