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Fibre Cleaning

Today’s connector design and production techniques have eliminated most of the challenges to achieving core alignment and physical contact.
What remains challenging is maintaining a Pristine End-face. As a result, Contamination is the #1 source of troubleshooting in optical networks.

A single particle mated into the core of a fibre can cause significant back reflection, insertion loss and even equipment damage.

IEC Standard 61300-3-35 is a global common set of requirements for fibre optic connector end face quality designed to guarantee insertion loss and return loss performance. The Standard contains pass/fail requirements for inspection and analysis of the end face of an optical connector, specifying separate criteria for different types of connections (for example, SM-PC, SM-UPC, SM-APC, MM, and multi-fibre connectors).

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One-Click™ Cleaners

The One-Click™ connector cleaning tools are designed to clean a wide variety of connector types (e.g. SC, ST, FC, LC, MU, E2000, MPO/MTP, MTRJ, Duplex LC, ODC, LEMO 3K.93C series connectors, etc) either directly, when mounted in an adapter or a receptacle, all with a simple single-action cleaning system (push/release).

This handy tool is effective with a variety of contaminants and with over 500 cleaning cycles per unit it also has a remarkably low cost per clean.

CLETOP™ Cleaners

The CLETOP-S fibre optic connector cleaning cassette builds on the success of its predecessor to give world class cleaning performance. With a rugged ergonomic design, easy cleaning cartridge changing and simple operation, it’s the professional choice.


CLETOP Adaptor Cleaning Sticks are available in sizes for most common commercial connectors (ST, SC, FC, LC, MU), military connectors, and LEMO connectors for video applications. When connectors need to be cleaned inside adapters, you can rely on the CLETOP stick.

Other Fibre Cleaning Products

Products like:

  • CleanWipes fibre optic wipes
  • Derbis Destroyer fibre cleaning pen
  • Lens papers
  • Fibre Preparation Fluid
  • Isopropanol and different alcohol dispensers

can help to manage with different types of contamination in different applications.

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