Eltek power systems are based on high efficiency modules and advanced controllers.

Eltek expertise lies in power conversion, i.e. the process of converting one type of current, i.e. AC, to another, DC, and in the process adjusting the voltage, making it suitable for specific delicate electronic equipment. This core functionality is combined with battery backup, distribution and advanced monitoring and control in complete power systems for industrial applications where the efficiency and reliability of power supply is business critical.


High efficiency power systems that reduce the cost and environmental footprint of energy usage, and that reduce the cost of ownership of power systems

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Micropack rectifier

The Micropack is a convection cooled rectifier for less power-hungry applications. Use as stand alone or in a flexible, off the shelf configurable system.


Available voltages – 12, 24, 48 VDC
Power – 120W, 250 W modules

® Eltek

Flatpack S rectifier

® Eltek

With its shallow depth and high efficiency/low heat dissipation, the Flatpack S is easy to integrate in most cabinets and is a perfect replacement unit.


Available voltages – 24, 36, 48 VDC
Power – 1000W and 1800 W modules

Flatpack2 HE rectifier

The Flatpack2 HE family is available in a variety of voltages and power ratings, all with superior efficiency up to 96.5%. More than 4 billion in-field operating hours and a proven cumulative field MTBF of more than 1.9 million hours.


Available voltages – 24, 48, 110, 125, 220, 380 VDC
Power – 1800, 2000, 3000 and 4000 W

® Eltek

Flatpack2 SHE rectifier

® Eltek

With an efficiency of 97.8% the Super HE is a premium rectifier particularly suitable for markets and applications where the energy is costly. In grid connected applications the payback time is down to 2 years compared to standard HE rectifiers, and in hybrid applications even faster.


Available voltages – 48, 60 VDC
Power – 2000, 3000 W modules


bidirectional converter

The Rectiverter is a 3-port device capable of charging the 48V battery and simultaneously provide power for AC and DC loads. During mains outage the Rectiverter feeds AC loads using energy stored in the battery.


Available DC Voltages – 48, 110, 220 VDC

Available AC Voltage – 230 VAC

Power combined for AC and DC  – 2000 W

® Eltek

Flatpack2 DC/DC HE/SHE converters

® Eltek

The Flatpack2 DC/DC converters add flexibility to the Flatpack2 power systems. Secondary 24V, 48V or 400 VDC outputs can be provided from the main voltage battery.

Available voltages – 380/48, 18-75/24, 18-75/48, 42-75/380 VDC
Power – 1350, 3000 W

Flatpack S DC/DC (HV) converter

The Flatpack S 48/750 HE UI module is designed to power standard 48V telecom equipment from a higher voltage power line.


Available voltage – 200-400/48 VDC

Power – 750 W module

® Eltek


® Eltek

Range of controllers for various contexts and needs – all sharing the same software core.


  • Compack – for the low power range Micropack systems
  • Smartpack S – full functionality with the S form factor
  • Smartpack2 Touch – user friendly touch screen
  • Smartpack R – retrofit replacement for Smartpack

CAN – nodes

The nodes have dedicated inputs and outputs that expand the system monitoring. The units “plug-and-play” with Smartpack controllers, no local powering of the units is needed.


  • Battery Monitor
  • Load Monitor
  • I/O Monitor
  • FlexiMonitor
® Eltek

Micropack – small systems

® Eltek

The Micropack system is a small, yet flexible system suitable for a great variety of applications.


  • Din rail mount
  • Convection cooled
  • Load range 120-1000 W
  • Output 12, 24, 48V DC
  • Input 85 – 300V AC/DC

Flatpack S – small and medium systems

Due to the shallow depth, the Flatpack S Systems fit most cabinets. Their other specifications make them a natural replacement for dated systems.


System variants:

  • Flatpack S 1U (40-100A)
  • Flatpack S 1U (125A) Bulk Feed
  • Flatpack S 2U (150A)
  • Flatpack S 3U (150A)
  • Flatpack S 6U (300A)
  • Flatpack S Wallbox (75A)
  • Power Shelves with bulk output
® Eltek

Flatpack2 – small and medium systems

® Eltek

The Flatpack2 systems are designed to meet the need for higher density and more compact power solutions that are expandable, easily serviceable, and reliable. Up to 32 kW.


System variants:

  • Flatpack2 Small
  • Flatpack2 Medium, G1
  • Flatpack2 Medium, G2
  • Flatpack2, IBF

Large Power Systems

The Large Power System is the perfect building block in any telecom application and is available in several configurations for DC applications around the world.

Large power systems are based on the versatile Flatpack2 or DPR-6000B rectifiers.

All in one cabinet, with paralleling cabinets for added power. Up to 288kW per cabinet.

® Eltek

Rectiverter Systems

® Eltek

The Rectiverter can be used in numerous configurations in mixed AC/DC environments, indoor and outdoor.


Rectiverter Standalone systems:

  • 3 kVA, Single phase


Rectiverter Small systems:

  • 6 kVA, Single phase


Rectiverter Medium systems:

  • 6 kVA, Single phase
  • 6 kVA, Single phase, Manual Bypass
  • 18 kVA, Single or Three phase, Manual bypass


Also, large and rectifier combined Rectiverter systems are available.

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