Sound and Vibration

Measurements and Analysis

Solutions from Brüel & Kjaer. For over seven decades, Brüel & Kjær has been known for providing the highest quality products for sound and vibration measurement. In recent years, our resources and knowledge have been focused on supporting the entire life cycle of our customer’s products – from initial design through deployment and operation, plus a full measurement chain. And we can provide you with complete turnkey solutions as well as stand-alone products.

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HBK Academy
Training and Seminars

HBK Academy offers seminars and trainings for all knowledge levels from beginner to measurement application professional. Trainers and measurement technicians guide you on the way to the right result: from the selection and installation of the sensor system, the safe measurement data acquisition, to the evaluation of your results.

Brüel & Kjaer

Data acquisition systems and hardware

Brüel & Kjaer

Systems begin with pre-configured packages that include everything you need to get started: hardware, software and support. We offer small systems for quick and limited use, and rugged acquisition modules that transmit data to an intuitive iPad® interface for automotive noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) benchmarking.

Many of our systems use our modular LAN-XI data acquisition hardware, which is flexible so you can reconfigure it for other purposes. It gives you small, portable front-ends that connect directly to a PC, and also enables you to connect modules in networks where the modules are distributed around a large test object such as an aircraft, during ground vibration testing (GVT). You can also combine separate systems to create larger ones, or add new modules when you need them. This creates highly stable systems suitable for the most demanding wind tunnel aeroacoustics testing, or satellite qualification tests.

Analysis applications and software

Brüel & Kjær produces a wide range of applications and software that are used in a wide spectrum of industries, including automotive, electroacoustics, telecommunications, aerospace, defence, and consumer products.


BK Connect

BK Connect™ is Brüel & Kjær’s flagship sound and vibration analysis platform, bringing together a range of real‐time measurement and post‐processing tools in a user-focused frame work. The platform has been structured from the concept phase to be reliable, intuitive, configurable, integrated with other applications and open – compatible with all of the industry’s leading analysis systems.


Modular and user role based

The modular and user role-centric structure offer unprecedented ability to tailor BK Connect to your workflow and testing requirements. The concept targets five key user roles:

  • Test requester
  • Test manager – manages department resources
  • Specialist – defines new test procedures and troubleshooting
  • Test engineer – runs standardized tests, including predefined variants
  • Operator – trained to perform a set of specific tests

Each user only needs the functionality according to their role, which reduces complexity for the user and cost overall.



Over 20 years of development and maturation of the PULSE LabShop software have resulted in a wide range of targeted applications. They cannot be replaced instantly. Therefore, where the PULSE LabShop functionality is not yet available, selected PULSE LabShop licenses have been embedded inside their corresponding BK Connect applications, so dedicated PULSE software and options will work smoothly with BK Connect.

Brüel & Kjaer

Shakers and exciters

Brüel & Kjaer

From high-force electrodynamic shakers to palm-sized modal and measurement exciters, Brüel & Kjær offers a wide range of vibration test solutions. We also have a large selection of dedicated power amplifiers and vibration controllers, as well as matching slip tables, head expanders and thermal barriers, to meet all your vibration testing needs – whether it’s testing electronic components for mobile phones to complete satellite systems.



In addition to the shaker or exciter, a basic vibration testing system typically comprises an amplifier, which supplies the power to operate the shaker, and a vibration controller connected to a host Windows® PC or notebook that runs the vibration control software.

Vibration control software is divided into two parts: a user interface that runs on the host computer for configuring the tests and displaying the results, and the software that executes the actual tests on the controller driving the shaker. The PC and the controller are connected by either LAN or USB. A range of controller tests and features are available to simulate real-world operating conditions, as defined by MIL-STD, DIN, ISO and IEC standards.

Measuring instruments for sound and vibration

Brüel & Kjær measuring instruments cover a wide spectrum of Class 1 Sound Level Meters; specialized sound level meter apps, kits, accessories and intuitive post-processing software, that allow you to customize your instrument to your tasks.

From simple measurement tasks, to inspection of industrial machinery, Brüel & Kjær provide powerful unrivaled measurement flexibility.

B&K Sound Level Meters are used in a wide range of industries and applications, such as:

  • Optimizing building acoustics and vibration
  • Sound power and noise source identification
  • Product development / quality control
  • Industrial production optimization
  • Occupational health and safety (OHS) evaluations
  • Local and national environmental noise and vibration compliance

Thanks to Brüel & Kjær’s meticulous quality standards, our sound level meter and analyzer instruments are trusted world-wide to deliver accurate results – in any measurement scenario.

Brüel & Kjaer


Brüel & Kjaer

Transducers have been a core part of Brüel & Kjær’s business for more than 70 years. The quality of our transducers is world-renowned. It is the result of our vast experience and knowledge, backed up by meticulous testing and quality control. Furthermore, all transducers are calibrated individually before shipping. In turn, this ensures that you always receive the performance and durability you expect.


Transducer Smart Setup

Transducer Smart Setup is a mobile application that works in combination with data matrix codes (similar to QR codes™) on transducers, to simplify and automate multi-channel test setups. The data matrix code also gives you instant access to specifications and calibration information.

Production testing systems

Designed to ensure effective production testing to achieve customer acceptance, brand value, production line yield

Effective testing of components and assemblies during production ensures customer acceptance and maintains product brand value, production line yield and cost-effectiveness by ensuring compliance with R&D expectations, maintaining consistent product quality and mitigating root causes of faults. The type of testing solution you need depends on the production volume, product complexity and the consequences of a failure on your production line. Brüel & Kjær test solutions go beyond just finding the faults, they provide the information needed to prevent the faults from happening.

Brüel & Kjaer

Calibration systems

Brüel & Kjaer

Brüel & Kjær provides wide-ranging and flexible calibration solutions for entire measurement systems ensuring proper accreditation and traceability, and covering everything from transducers to analysis software.

Our calibration solutions meet the broad variety of needs for calibration in the field of sound and vibration– accurate primary and secondary calibration of measuring equipment and the scope of transducers: accelerometers and microphones.

Turnkey calibration systems include instructions on screen, generation of certificates, uncertainty budgets – we can modify standard systems to suit your specific requirements, and integrate the instruments you have already acquired.

We supply both turnkey systems and customized calibration systems complete with uncertainty calculations and detailed instructions. We also do on-site training in general or specific aspects of calibration.

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