Astrec Fibre Optic Training Courses

Astrec Baltic has the history of training fibre optic installers and specialists since 2009. Our teachers have a long-time experience in the field of fibre optics. As a company specialized in fibre optic communication, we have based our practical training on the instruments by Fujikura and Viavi Solutions which without doubt are world’s leading manufacturers.

Courses are targeting grownups who are interested in getting into terms with the technology of the future. Our training programmes have been developed in accordance with PRINCIPLES OF OPERATIONAL QUALITY and THE PRINCIPLES OF ORGANISATION OF STUDIES.

These courses are skill trainings for adults in field 0714 (Electronics and automation)

Introductory course to the world of

fibre optics.

Duration of 4 academic hours

Short course to understand what tools are used for fusion splicing and how to evaluate results of it.

Duration of 4 academic hours

Course for technicians new to fibre optics. Overview of practical aspects of splicing and evaluating the results. Also some hands-on training.

Duration of 6 academic hours

In-depth Training of Fibre Optic measuring

How to get professional results when measuring FO network physical layers? Course for seasoned technicians.

Duration of 6 academic hours

Trainings from our partners

There are many questions, and we have answers to questions related to the products in our product portfolio. Even more, we and our partners are happy to help with it!

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Telecoms Business, 5G, LTE, IP, Network Virtualisation- courses held by our partner WRAYCASTLE

Training for fibre optic installers and specialists. Fujikura certified training.

Testing and maintaining the physical layer of network

Training courses from Brüel & Kjaer

Development, deployment and optimization of wireless networks

Test solutions that cover multiple technologies, network layers, and services.

Learning avionics test products for R&D, flight line and return-to-service solutions.

Test solutions for Mobile Radio (LMR) technologies

Trainings for Eltek, CE+T equipment.

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