Wraycastle – telecom training for specialists

Wide range of telecom training courses for learners at all stages of their career from new entrants looking for a thorough grounding in industry to experienced engineers looking to enhance their knowledge of the latest network technologies.


Wray Castle is company registred in England and trusted by the global telecoms industry since 1958, they helped upskill over 300,000 industry professionals from over 85 countries worldwide. Learners come from many major mobile and fixed operators, vendors, regulators, consultants, rail operators, energy suppliers and government organisations.


Team of highly experienced specialist course developers and instructors come with decades of experience from within the industry and as specialist technical trainers.

Astrec is the Wray Castle representative in the region, through whom you can register for all Wray Castle telecom training courses at a favourable conditions.

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Wraycastle courses cover all the major global communications technologies

Telecoms Business

Telecoms business programmes explore the key areas for business success including finance, leadership strategy and business model development. Foreseen for mid-senior managers, directors, specialists, consultants and persons who need good general overview

5G Technology

Comprehensive suite of 5G technology training courses range from technology overviews to advanced engineering courses. Topics include 5G Architecture & Protocols, SBA, 5G New Radio, 5G RAN, Cell Planning, Network Slicing and Security.

Essential Technologies

Courses provide a comprehensive understanding of different technologies at a technical overview level, and is ideal as a foundation for a wide range of job functions and roles within telecommunications and adjacent industries.


A technical introduction to the world of GSM. These courses describe the services, structure and operation of a GSM mobile network. Engineers go deeper into GSM-R for railways, or just look at the packet engineering for cellular mobile networks.


Keywords like Softswitching and VoIP, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP). Architectures and their roles in establishing communications over a network. Courses provide a detailed understanding of these matters.

IP Engineering

Courses aimed at engineers to deliver a detailed overview of IP networks, an understanding of Engineering techniques, as well as applications, protocols and switching methods. Also subjects like Quality of Service Principles and Routing Protocol Principles.

4G/LTE engineering

Comprehensive suite of 4G/LTE engineering training courses range from technology overviews to advanced engineering courses. Topics include LTE EPC, IMS, Air Interface, Cell Planning, VoLTE, Backhaul and Security.

Network Virtualisation

Practical courses for network engineers. Topics include keywords like Cloud Computing, Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV), Software Defined Networking (SDN) etc.

Professional Mobile Radio (PMR)

Wide spectrum of courses. Starting with general understanding of Mission Critical Broadband (MCB) to special courses for TETRA engineers.


Focused OpenRAN training courses explore the purpose, features, architecture, operation and deployment options for ORAN.

Radio Engineering

Our focused Radio Engineering training courses cover the principles underpinning radio engineering, radio system design and site engineering.

Certificate and Diploma

Distance learning programs with duration of 10..14 month. Tailored to meet needs of Cellular Radio Engineer, Police, 5G Engineer, or Core Network Engineer.