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Wireless Cellular Sites

Together with RFS we provide a comprehensive portfolio of outdoor cellular site solutions. Our RF solutions cover the entire RF chain, from base station antennas to diplexers and triplexers, feeders, jumpers and tower solutions.

  • Premium performance products all along the RF chain, including leading CELLFLEX® feeder cable solutions; Optimizer antennas with high gain and superior upper sidelobe suppression; and ShareLite diplexer and triplexer suite featuring very low loss.
  • Unique Ultra-Broadband Antenna design for multi-technology, multifrequency, high-end wireless networks
    Complete suite of RF site solutions suitable for 2G, 3G and LTE, whatever the frequency band.
  • Innovative solutions that facilitate Remote Radio Head deployments, both for site deployment and site renovation.
  • The most comprehensive microwave antenna system solutions designed to answer the most pressing need for precision-engineered systems that mitigate interference and provide the flexibility to meet the capacity requirements of today and tomorrow.
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Indoor Coverage

Today, people spend most of their time in buildings — at home, at work, in shopping malls and entertainment venues. Even when travelling, people spend much of their time in buildings.
While indoors, people are constantly using smartphones and tablets to stay in touch, entertain themselves and complete work tasks. The increasing demand for wireless services — particularly data services — from within buildings is pushing macro networks to exhaust.
Wireless in-building solutions bring the network inside the buildings where people spend their time. People enjoy access to uninterrupted wireless services and operators can address network challenges.


Dedicated in-building solutions:

  • Improve capacity and coverage indoors
  • Offload the outdoor macro network
  • Enable more efficient use of the available spectrum
  • Support commercial and mission-critical communications requirements

… indoor coverage


Complete wireless in-building solutions

RFS wireless in-building solutions include all the components needed to deploy
an end-to-end passive DAS:

  • CELLFLEX® and CELLFLEX® Lite low-loss foam dielectric
    coaxial cables
  • High-performance RADIAFLEX® radiating cables
  • Broadband and ultra-broadband indoor antennas
  • High-quality connectors that maintain system performance
  • Broadband and ultra-broadband indoor combiners, couplers and splitters with low insertion loss


RFS provides the most comprehensive range of end-to-end RF broadcast systems on the market, with solutions for


  • Fixed television
  • Analog and digital radio
  • Mobile TV, covering all spectrum options (VHF, UHF, L-band and S-Band).


Every system is optimized to achieve the best possible performance and reliability and minimize the total cost of ownership.


Microwave Solutions


RFS offers end-to-end microwave antenna systems, with a comprehensive suite of innovative microwave antennas, elliptical waveguides and accessories, which feature unsurpassed mechanical robustness and electrical performance, engineering excellence, and global service and support. It’s a total package solution for rapid deployment, maximum efficiency and minimized total cost of ownership.

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I'm interested to get more information
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