Many companies sell transmission line solutions, but only RFS (Radio Frequency Systems) has been at the leading edge of transmission line innovation for over 120 years.

Legacy of innovation started in 1900 when German engineer, Louis Hackethal, invented the first insulated wire. Since then, RFS has continued the tradition and pioneered numerous breakthroughs in cable materials, construction and electrical performance to set new standards the industry continues to rely on.

CELLFLEX® Low-Loss Foam-Dielectric Coaxial Cables are available in sizes from 1/4″ to 15/8″. Jacket options include from regular Black Polyethylene for outdoor use to indoor Flame Retardant/ Halogen Free jackets and beyond.

Field Installable Connectors, cable specific tools & accessories for CELLFLEX® are also available.

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Factory-Fit Jumpers

CELLFLEX® Factory-Fit Jumpers feature specially designed connectors which are soldered-on in a strictly controlled industrial process to ensure industry leading performance for today’s high-performance wireless systems. The connector design and manufacturing process has been optimized to produce premium VSWR and IM levels. Injection molded boots provide reliable and repeatable additional sealing level and strain relief. Our facilities produce and stock all popular lengths as required by the industry, and can deliver custom lengths with premium VSWR and IM levels on request.


HYBRIFLEX Optical Fiber Cables

HYBRIFLEX fiber cables offer diverse versions tailored to your needs, with variations in fiber count, mode, and breakout configurations. They can serve as jumpers or trunks, adaptable to your system’s specifications.


HYBRIFLEX Power Cables

Range of HYBRIFLEX Power Cables offers exceptional flexibility with various versions to suit your needs. Whether you require a specific cross-section or individual wire configurations, you’ll find them all here. Additionally, we provide both CPR-classified cables and simple PE sheaths to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


HYBRIFLEX Optical Fiber & Power Cable Accessories

The HYBRIFLEX accessories encompass all necessary components for a comprehensive installation solution. This encompasses clamps, earthing kits, and boxes tailored for separate power, separate fiber, or combined power and fiber setups. Moreover, each accessory is versatile enough to be utilized independently when necessary.



Dehydrators and Accessories

HELIFLEX cables are air-filled coaxial cables where the inner conductor is centered by dielectric spacers. Designed and patented by RFS over 70 years ago, this style of cable has become the de-facto industry standard, with RFS’s premium HELIFLEXsolutions installed across the globe.

Available in cable sizes between 7/8” and 6 1/8” (larger sizes available on request), the unique helix corrugation makes for a flexible and versatile cable that offers big advantages for a range of applications.

HELIFLEX is a high-performance cable with a design that offers the lowest possible attenuation and signal distortion.


DEHYDRATORS offer pressurization solutions to transmission lines and antennas in both telecom and broadcasting applications. Its low pressure models (suffix LP) are suitable for applications where reduced pressure is required, for example, pressurisation of broadcast antenna radomes, microwave waveguides and other transmission lines.


RFS offers a huge variety of accessories, including perfectly sealed connectors, adapters, hangers and tools for installing Heliflex cables.


Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) carefully selects the appropriate reel sizes based on the length and overall diameter of the cable to be wound. Right packaging is important to avoid damage during transportation and handling on site.


Radiating Cables, Waveguides, Accessories

RFS RADIAFLEX® radiating cable is the world’s leading “leaky feeder” cable solution. It is designed to deliver contoured indoor RF coverage with radio signals leaked from the apertures on the radiating cable’s outer conductor.

This allows network operators to provide scalable and practical broadband wireless services for confined areas, such as tunnels, mines and large building complexes.

RADIAFLEX® cables are also engineered to provide highest possible fire safety performance complying with all relevant international standards including leading portfolio regarding latest European Construction Product Regulation (CPR) requirements.


RADIAFLEX® Elliptical Waveguide is special product designed for a variety of in-tunnel applications and optimized for ultra high frequency applications from 5 GHz to 6 GHz


RADIAFLEX Connectors & Accessories are designed to ensure:

  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Outstanding performance
  • Robust Mechanical Design
  • Best in class PIM performance
  • Excellent Electrical Performance
  • Total compilance with applicable standards

FLEXWELL® Elliptical Waveguides,

Connectors and Accessories

FLEXWELL® elliptical waveguide is constructed of longitudinally continuous seam welded, highly conductive copper tube, corrugated and precision formed into an elliptical cross section. It is manufactured in continuous lengths using a special seam welding process developed by the RFS.

The corrugation design achieves high transverse stability, flexibility and crush strength for superior handling and forming at an installation. The inherent strength and flexibility of FLEXWELL® waveguide allows on location, a continuous length of waveguide to be run directly from a tower-mounted antenna to the equipment building.

A FLEXWELL® elliptical waveguide feeder requires less planning and reduces installation costs when compared to a feeder system using a rigid rectangular waveguide.
FLEXWELL® waveguide is available cut to length with factory attached connectors or in continuous lengths for termination in the field.
Additionally, RFS offers a full range of options, connectors, pressurization equipment and accessories to support your end-to-end radio link network. RFS offers tuneable connectors for premium performance waveguides and non-tuneable connectors for standard performance waveguides according to the EIA standard. These connectors are manufactured from brass forgings and are very simple and easy to install with basic hand tools, no expensive flanging tools are required. RFS connectors based on the IEC standard are all fixed tuned. Together with the dedicated flanging tools and premium performance waveguides, these connectors meet the highest VSWR / return loss requirements over the complete frequency band without tuning.
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RF Components for DAS

RFS provides comprehensive range of :


  • Power Splitters – broad frequency range and outstanding PIM rating is ideally suited for multi-band distributed antenna systems or in combination with RADIAFLEX® radiating cables.
  • Directional Couplers – highest RF performance requirements by minimizing reflections or RF loss combined with a compact design.
  • Hybrid Combiners – have been designed for a variety of wireless applications in the frequency band from 555 to 6000MHz. This series contains 2 product types: 2 by 2 and 4 by 4.
  • Tappers – unequal divider couples off a defined fraction of a RF signal with minimal reflections or loss.
  • Termination Loads – have been designed for a variety of wireless applications in the frequency band from DC to 6000MHz. These provide low VSWR and PIM optimized design.
  • DC Blocks – having minimal RF insertion loss, PIM optimized design and cover broadband frequency range from 80 to 3800MHz.

Indoor Antennas

These panel and omnidirectional antennas combine an aesthetical design with superior electrical characteristics notably a PIM optimized design to minimize network interferences. The antenna is constructed from lightweight materials ideal for easy mounting. The low profile and off-white radome blends easily into most building aesthetics with minimum visual impact.