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Modular UPS-s

Since 1934, CE+T Power has been providing innovative solutions to secure power for many customers around the world. Decades of experiences result in FLEXA UPS family:

… covers power need from 3kVA to 1200kVA
… a smart technology-based UPS provides a pure sine wave with 96% conversion efficiency
… offers a 0ms transfer time (from grid to batteries)
… integrates the static switch function, limited boost capability (to trigger downstream breakers while protecting upstream ones)
… easy to maintain (all modules hot-swappable). No need to power down for maintenance
… operates without master/slave configuration, includes a redundant communication BUS and is IPC9592B certified
…efficient battery management makes it possible to always be ready to secure loads thanks to fast battery charging capacity (up to 17kW per module), low ripple voltage and different charging modes
… allows creating various configurations, also IP22 (up to 200kW per cabinet) and IP54 (up to 140kW per cabinet) without special cooling systems
… high reliability (230 000 h MIL-HDBK-217F) and average time for changing failed components is approx. 10 minutes.

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FLEXA 200 (60kW – 640kW) UPS-s
20kW UPS modules

  • compact systems with 3P –> 1P or 3P–>3P configuration
  • in addition to standard IP20 or IP21 (there are also versions for IP54 and IP22)
  • integrated or separate MBP in 600x800x2100 cabinet
  • hot swappable modules can be added later without entering service mode
  • possible to combine with same style battery cabinets.
CE+T Power

FLEXA 25 (3 – 12 kVA) UPS


CE+T Power
  • small 5U 19″ system operates by same principals as FLEXA 200
  • new generation Inview controller
  • 48V batteries
  • compact. “grow as you go” concept

FLEXA 200 module

  • 3P –> 1P or 3P–>3P configurations available
  • batteries: 408VDC (204 cells VRLA), fast charging – up to 17kW from each module
  • up to 32 modules in parallel
  • conversion efficiency for online 96%; from batteries 94%; ECO mode with smart by-pass 98%
  • doubled digital signal processors, galvanically isolated
CE+T Power


(Smart By-Pass)

CE+T Power
  • Smart-By-Pass module for systems with efficiency up to 98%
  • in addition to usual 0ms transfer time it allows two redundant power sources (ACin1 + ACin2)
  • can be combined into system with max power of 580kW

T4S / Catena controller

  • 2 ethernet connections
  • SNMP, MODBUS, integrated BMS
  • working temperature -10 … +40C
  • 8 digital inputs and 6 digital outputs, 2 temperature probes
  • panel or rack mount, touchscreen
  • redundant 12VDC power supply
CE+T Power

FLEXA 25 modules

CE+T Power
  • 2500W/3000VA 230VAC – 230VAC, batteries 48V (24cell),
  • fast charging
  • conversion efficiency for online 96%; from batteries 94%
  • working temperature -20…+40C (de-rated 40..60C)
  • redundant controllers

Inview / measurebox controller

  • Ethernet connection
  • SNMP, MODBUS, integrated BMS
  • working temperature -20 … +60C
  • alarms, battery charging with temperature compensation, intelligent charging
  • touchscreen
CE+T Power
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I'm interested to get more information
Please let us know what are you interested in?