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Enersys Batteries

Application-specific batteries designed to meet the specific energy storage challenges unique to your industry and all the industries we serve.

Most popular batteries for telecom and data industries are presented below.

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Powersafe Batteries

Powersafe batteries are using TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) technology and are designed to be used mostly in conjunction with DC power supplies. Powersafe batteries are designed for operation in a reliable grid, for grid assist and in an unreliable grid (where low risk of partial state of charge exists). Can be used in high performance, but also low-rate long life float applications. There are different series for all these applications.




  • Faster recharge capability, no need to limit charging current.
  • The “Very Long battery Life” matches the design life cycle of the power system.
  • Long shelf life – 24 months at 20°C
  • Wide operating temperature range. Powersafe XL battery has design life 10 years at 35°C
® Enersys

Datasafe Batteries

® Enersys

Featuring Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) technology, DataSafe® HX batteries offer superior solutions for a range of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and IT applications. The batteries combine several select design features to maximize reliability and service life while ensuring high power, low maintenance performance.

Specifically developed for high discharge rate applications, DataSafe HX batteries are available in high power density 6, 12 and 16 volt monoblocs. The VRLA technology ensures high power density and eliminates the need for watering, while their lead-calcium-tin alloy plates support efficient recharge rates and long lifecycles.



Datasafe HX battery features:

  • Capacity range: 23 to 540 Watts Per Cell (WPC)
  • 10-year life expectancy at 25°C
  • 100% initial capacity
  • Flame-retardant UL94 case and cover meet UL 1778



Other series of Datasafe batteries are Datasafe NP, Datasafe NPX, Datasafe XE

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I'm interested to get more information
Please let us know what are you interested in?