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Fujikura Fusion Splicers

For decades, Fujikura has been developing innovative fibre optic fusion splicers that stand out for their exceptional accuracy, intuitive interface, and extremely high reliability. As a pioneer in this field, it has inspired many manufacturers who want to see cutting-edge solutions in their devices. However, none of them has been completely successful and Fujikura’s fusion splicers have a worldwide market share of 65%, which demonstrates the customers’ complete trust in their equipment.

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90S+ Core-to-Core Fusion Splicer

The 90S+ is a single fibre core alignment fusion splicer setting a new standard in the market for fusion splicing. The 90S+ is packed with a whole host of new and enhanced features specifically developed with the objective of enabling the user to work faster with higher precision.
Overall splice process time has been significantly reduced against our previous model (70S+). This has been achieved with a combination of improvements to the reaction time of the automated wind protectors and automated heater, new fibre retention clamps, improved universal sheath clamps and a redesigned internal structure that matches the protection sleeve to the fusion splice point which enables splicing to be achieved without the need of the user to touch the 90S+ once the process has started.



  • Active Fusion Control (AFC) – combining real-time fusion control with the cleave end-face analysis to determine the correct arc power to complete the splice.
  • Market leading high precision and accurate core alignment technology with advanced image processing technology
  • Improved automatic wind protector design which reduces overall splice time but can also be used in manual style
  • High-capacity lithium-ion battery (up to 300 splices)
  • Patented easy splice protector positioning system
  • Universal sheath clamps for standard 250 um fibre but also 900 um loose tube fibre types.
  • Fibre Retention clamps
  • Enabled with Fujikura’s unique “Active Blade Management Technology” with new capability to link up to 2 CT50 cleavers simultaneously.
  • A completely redesigned multi-function carrycase and workstation
  • Tool-less replaceable electrodes
  • Touch screen
® Fujikura

41S+ Active Cladding Alignment Fusion Splicer

® Fujikura

The 41S+ is our new active cladding alignment single fibre V-groove splicer, which takes a step beyond its predecessor with the inclusion of Active Fusion Control Technology and Active Blade Management Technology. These two proprietary technologies allow customers to achieve more consistent and stable low-loss splicing, reducing the need for rework and re-splicing.

Active Fusion Control Technology
One of main causes of high splice loss is bad cleave end face quality. The 41S+ analyses the condition of both L and R cleave end faces and applies optimal fusion control. This new technology improves splice loss significantly and greatly reduces the need for rework. Because fusion is easily affected by changes in the environment, the 41S+ uses real-time fusion parameter control by analysing the fibre brightness intensity during splicing. This contributes to stable, low-loss splice results.

Active Blade Management Technology
The 41S+ and CT50 fibre cleaver are equipped with wireless data connectivity, which allows automatic cleaver blade rotation when the 41S+ judges the blade is worn. The 41S+ displays the remaining blade life and informs the user when a blade height change, blade position change, or new blade is required.

Enhanced splice quality
When the frequency of large cleave angle or other cleave problems increases, Active Blade Management Technology can detect this increasing ratio of poor cleaves and rotate the blade position automatically. Active Blade Management Technology therefore significantly reduces the frequency of poor quality cleaves. Even when a poor cleave is detected, the 41S+ compensates by using Active Fusion Control Technology to apply optimized fusion to reduce the incidence of high splice loss. By using these two key technologies together, the 41S+ minimizes the occurrence of high splice loss and greatly reduces the need for rework and re-splicing.

User friendly
The 41S+ can accommodate splice sleeves with a diameter of up to 6.0mm, so it supports a wide range of protection sleeve sizes. The 41S+ electrodes come as an assembly including electrode mounting fixture and thumb screw. The thumb screw is easily loosened or tightened by hand without tools, which makes it simple to replace electrodes. The CT50 fibre cleaver has a user replaceable blade and rubber clamps – there’s no need to send the device to a service centre for blade or clamp replacement.

Multi-functional carrying case with integrated workstation
There are multiple ways to utilize the 41S+ carrying case. The 41S+ is ready to use just by opening the case, but can be removed with the work tray, or the tray can be placed on top of the carrying case or other work surface, mounted it on a tripod, etc. The work tray has a drawer which can slide open to expand the work area and it includes convenient features such as a recess to lock an included alcohol dispensing bottle in place to prevent it from falling.

More consistent and stable low-loss splicing
Core loss estimation function using Warm Image Splicing Technology
Compact, robust splicer designed for FTTx applications
Fast splicing time – six seconds
5″ touch panel with easy operation
Bluetooth connectivity

90R12 and 90R16 Ribbon Fibre Mass Fusion Splicers

The 90R12 comes with a first of its kind, innovative user replaceable V-groove assembly which makes this issue a thing of the past and is supplied as standard equipment with the 90R12 kit. This new V-groove assembly can be quickly and easily fitted in the field, minimizing downtime and maximising productivity.

In addition, the new V-groove design enables splicing of both conventional type 12-fiber encapsulated ribbon and SWR (Spider Web Ribbon) whilst also accommodating 250um and 200um pitch fibres. The 90R12 can also splice single fibres if required.

Overall working time has been significantly reduced against the previous model (70R+). This has been achieved through a combination of improvements; including the replaceable v-grooves, reaction time of the automated wind protectors and automated heater, a 5-inch LCD touch screen whilst also making use of Active Blade Management Technology, which now can connect to two CT50 cleavers simultaneously.


  • Replaceable V-grooves minimize downtime and maximize productivity.
  • An improved automatic wind protector design reduces overall splice time but can also be used manually like a traditional machine.
  • High-capacity lithium-ion battery provides up to 165 x 16 fibre splices and heat shrinks.
  • An extensive range of fibre holders make the 90R16 compatible with single fibres, standard encapsulated ribbons as well as Spider Web Ribbon types.
  • Pitch Converter system enables splicing of both 200um and 250um single fibres.
  • A completely redesigned, larger capacity carry case and multi-functional work-tray.
  • Enabled with Fujikura’s unique “Active Blade Management Technology” with new capability to link up to two CT50 cleavers simultaneously.
  • Tool-less replaceable electrodes.
  • 5-inch LCD touch screen.

CT50 Optical Fibre Cleaver

® Fujikura

The new CT50 Optical Fibre Cleaver is an improved complete cleaving product, offering increased operability and maintainability compared to any other cleaver of its kind on the market today.

The CT50 provides enhanced drop and impact resistance and allows customers like never before to replace the actual cleaving blade and resin members that hold the optical fibres, dramatically reducing handling time and maintenance costs. With the ability to cleave single fibres and bundles of up to 12 fibres, the CT50 is Bluetooth enabled, smart phone ready, and can be easily integrated into existing splicing processes for customers looking to invest in a future-proof cleaving solution.



  • Highly robust
  • Automatic blade rotation via wireless communication
  • User replaceable blade and fibre clamps
  • One-action operation – including fibre scrap collection
  • Easy fibre positioning
  • Tool-less blade rotation

CT08 Optical Fibre Cleaver

The CT08 Optical Fibre Cleaver is robust device, dedicated for single fibre cleaving. The CT08 is future-proofed cleaving solutions designed for easy integration into existing splicing processes. The CT08 can also dramatically reduce handling time and maintenance costs for customers.



  • Dedicated for single fibre cleaving
  • Replacement of fibre clamps and cleaving blade by user
  • No tool necessary for blade rotation
  • Widely lever opening makes easy fibre placing
  • Simple and single-step operation
® Fujikura

Splice Protectors

Wide range of splice protection sleeves of different lengths and diameters. Available in 1.2 – 3.2 mm (0.2mm pitch) diameters. The most popular sizes 61×2,4mm and 45×2,4mm are constantly in stock in Tallinn. Packing unit is 100 pieces, but you can also buy one-by-one.

Live Fibre Identifiers

FID-30R and FID-31R

FID-30R fibre identifier, used for identifying the light power presence in optical fibres, include three detecting functions: TONE, TRAFFIC, and ONU. Both models include a trigger operated clamp to macro-bend the fibre in order to leak light which is then detected by two photo sensors. The fibre identifiers can detect the presence of several kinds of light signal and indicate signal directions. The fibre identifiers can be used for UV-coated fibre, 0.9mm diameter tight buffered fibre, fibre cord up to 3mm in diameter, and fibre ribbon with up to 12 fibres.

FID-30R features:

  • World’s highest signal detection sensitivity
  • ONU signal detecting function
  • Trigger lock / Robust Body design
  • 2.4″ color touch screen with backlight

There are also two economical versions:
FID-31R is the standard version of FID-30R and doesn’t contain power meter option.
FID-32R is the standard version of FID-30R and doesn’t contain power meter and ONU detection option.

Ribbon Fibre Strippers

RS02 and RS03

® Fujikura

RS02 / RS03 Ribbon Fiber Strippers from Fujikura were developed with emphasis on ease-of-use, flexibility, and ergonomics. This thermal stripper requires less force for the stripping process than previous generations. Furthermore, the RS03 is equipped with a large capacity battery for 600 stripping cycles, 6 times longer than conventional thermal strippers.


Fujikura toolkits are designed to meet professional needs and save time. Various kits from for cleaning only to complete optical fibre preparation are available.

® Fujikura
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