About Us

Who we are?

Astrec Baltic is a distributor of fiber optical and telecommunication network infrastructure components, power supply systems, measurement instruments and fusion splicing equipment. We also provide services and training related to our products.

The management of Astrec Baltic Ltd. is committed to quality and ensures necessary conditions on all levels of the organisation. The company’s aim is to ensure fulfilment of customers’ needs and expectations by supplying reliable products and services. We also value employee satisfaction and care for environment.

Since 1998

Astrec Baltic was founded 1998 and has long experience in the Baltic and Finnish markets.


We offer economically efficient solutions in the wide spectrum of areas related to telecommunications and industry. Teamed up with our partners, we provide various sourcing, consulting and engineering services.


Our portfolio contains lot of specific products where experiences and special knoledge is needed. Our employees are specialists in their specific area, having long time experiences with these products.


We share our knowledge. We like customers making a conscious choice when choosing their solutions.


Telecommunication world develops very fast. We are keeping our customers up with latest developments and guide them to futureproof solutions.

Marek Kiisa

Partner / Member of board

Technology and investments

Sven Reppo

Partner / Member of board

Power Supply Systems, Batteries

Andres Aru


FO, Measurement equipment, Fusion splicers

Ivar Randmer

Product Manager

Sound and Vibration
Wireless infra components

Anne Toomits

Customer support, office-manager

Logistics, Customer support, Order handling

Sergei Jaruškin

Project Manager

Support, Service, Power supplies, FO

Remi Nõmm

Service Engineer

Fusion Splicers repair and service