Fusion Splicers

For decades, Fujikura has been developing innovative fiber optic fusion splicers that stand out for their exceptional accuracy, intuitive interface and extremely high reliability. As a pioneer in this field, it has inspired many manufacturers who want to see cutting-edge solutions in their devices. However, none of them has been completely successful and Fujikura’s welding machines have a worldwide market share of 65%, which demonstrates the customers’ complete trust in their equipment.

90S+ Core-to-Core Fusion Splicer


The 90S+ is a single fibre core alignment fusion splicer setting a new standard in the market for fusion splicing.  The 90S+ is packed with a whole host of new and enhanced features specifically developed with the objective of enabling the user to work faster with higher precision.
Overall splice process time has been significantly reduced against our previous model (70S+). This has been achieved with a combination of improvements to the reaction time of the automated wind protectors and automated heater, new fibre retention clamps, improved universal sheath clamps and a redesigned internal structure that matches the protection sleeve to the fusion splice point which enables splicing to be achieved without the need of the user to touch the 90S+ once the process has started.


  • Active Fusion Control (AFC) – combining real-time fusion control with the cleave end-face analysis to determine the correct arc power to complete the splice.
  • Market leading high precision and accurate core alignment technology with advanced image processing technology
  • Improved automatic wind protector design which reduces overall splice time but can also be used in manual style
  • High capacity lithium-ion battery (up to 300 splices)
  • Patented easy splice protector positioning system
  • Universal sheath clamps for standard 250 um fibre but also 900 um loose tube fibre types.
  • Fibre Retention clamps
  • Enabled with Fujikura’s unique “Active Blade Management Technology” with new
    capability to link up to 2 CT50 cleavers simultaneously.
  • A completely redesigned multi-function carry case and workstation
  • Tool-less replaceable electrodes
  • Touch screen

41S Active Cladding Alignment Fusion Splicer

The Fujikura 41S is Active V-groove splicer. By using Bluetooth technology, the 41S wirelessly connects to the CT50 fibre cleaver and enables a range of pioneering features that will improve the overall installation time, cost and efficiency for operators. The 41S also has the unique capability to estimate splice loss with greater accuracy, using a New Core Loss Estimation Function.


  • Core loss estimation function
  • Fast splicing time 6sec.
  • Touch panel with easy operation
  • Multi-functional carrying case with integrated work station
  • Bluetooth capability connection

Ribbon Fibre Fusion Splicer 70R+

The 70R+ is the standard ribbon fibre fusion splicer (up to 12 fibre ribbon) covering varied splicing needs in those fields with a series of innovative features, such as automated wind protector / tube heaters, 11seconds splicing and 18 seconds tube heating, ruggedized body, improved carrying case, wireless communication functions, etc. They are all for great splicing efficiency.


  • Splicing 11sec. / Tube heating time 18sec.
  • Minimun manual operation. Splice in 4 steps.
  • Multi-function transit case with integrated work station.
  • Slide-in AC adapter
  • Absolute robustness
  • Bluetooth capability connection

Splice Protection Sleeves

We offer a wide range of splice protection sleeves of different lengths and diameters. Available in 1.2 – 3.2 mm (0.2mm pitch) diameters. The most popular sizes 61×2,4mm and 45×2,4mm are constantly in stock in Tallinn. Packing unit is 100 pieces, but you can also buy one-by-one.

Fusion Splicer Accessories

ABM (Active Blade Management) is Fujikura’s new revolutionary technology that allows you to focus on the real work and take care of the following:

  • The blade position and height of the cleaver paired with the splicing machine via Bluetooth are automatically changed when the blade position is depleted or the blade is worn.
  • The splicer keeps track of the blade resource and alerts you when the blade needs to be replaced.
  • Manually changing the position of the blade and changing the blade can be quickly done by the user. This is reducing the need for maintenance of the cleaver.

CT50 Optical Fibre Cleaver


is an improved complete cleaving product, offering increased operability and maintainability compared to any other cleaver of its kind on the market today.

The CT50 provides enhanced drop and impact resistance and allows customers like never before to replace the actual cleaving blade and resin members that hold the optical fibres, dramatically reducing handling time and maintenance costs. With the ability to cleave single fibres and bundles of up to 12 fibres, the CT50 is Bluetooth enabled, smart phone ready, and can be easily integrated into existing splicing processes for customers looking to invest in a future-proof cleaving solution.

The CT08

is future-proofed cleaving solutions designed for easy integration into existing splicing processes. The CT08 can also dramatically reduce handling time and maintenance costs for customers.

  • Dedicated for single fibre cleaving
  • Replacement of fibre clamps and cleaving blade by user
  • No tool necessary for blade rotation
  • Widely lever opening makes easy fibre placing
  • Simple and single-step operation
  • Absolute robustness

Fusion Splicers and Accessories – Specialty

Fujikura’s ARCMasterTM splicers are engineered with features to offer customers superior splicing technology and reliability available in the global market. The need for Accurate, Reliable, and Consistent splicing has expanded to applications beyond telecommunications. The ARCMasterTM splicer series from Fujikura is developed to provide the ultimate in performance and flexibility for diverse markets around the world.


Interrelation Profile Alignment 2 (IPA2) and splicing capabilities are possible with virtually any polarization maintaining (PM) fiber type. Longer fiber tapering application is possible with Fujikura’s Sweep Arc technology. Incorporating cold splice image (CSI) and warm splice image (WSI) technologies, the optical analysis system provides a number of advanced features including improved loss estimation capabilities, fiber image performance with both large and small diameter fibers or heat sensitive fibers.

This is in addition to the previously existing FSM100P alignment capabilities.

ARCMaster™ FSM-100M  –for a wide variety of fiber types up to 500µm in diameter.

ARCMaster™ FSM-100P  –for very different types of fibers up to 500µm in diameter, retains polarization

ARCMaster™ FSM-100M+  – for a wide variety of fiber types up to 1200µm in diameter, Fiber End View

ARCMaster™ FSM-100P+  – for a wide variety of fiber types up to 1200µm in diameter, Fiber End View, retains polarization

LZM-100 LAZERMaster™ is a glass processing and welding system that uses a CO2 laser instead of electrodes. Ensures consistently high quality at low maintenance costs. Fits even glass with a diameter over 2.3mm. Equipped with the well-known Fujikura software system.

The LAZERMaster LZM-125 Series is a splicing and glass processing system..

that uses a CO2 laser heat source to perform splicing, tapering (to create MFAs), lensing, or other glass shaping operations with glass diameters of 2.0 mm or less. The high-resolution optical analysis system works in conjunction with onboard firmware for fully automatic splicing, tapering and other glass shaping processes.
High precision glass processing is enabled by the intuitive and user-friendly on-board firmware (virtually identical to that of the Fujikura FSM-100 splicers). Operations may also be performed manually and by PC control. The FPS PC control GUI is supplied with the LZM-125 Series to provide additional features, greater flexibility, and finer control. The FSP GUI may be used on a PC chosen by the customer. Customers can also create proprietary PC control algorithms using a complete set of PC control commands.




10 mm Maximum Z Travel Length; 8 mm Maximum Taper Length



36 mm Maximum Z Travel Length; 32 mm Maximum Taper Length



36 mm Maximum Z Travel Length; 32 mm Maximum Taper Length




Large Diameter Optical Fibre









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